We are located in the heart of Berlin, precisely at Tucholskystrasse 48, 10117. 

There, we showcase our creations in order for you to be able to observe them more closely, feel and test the materials for yourself. Additionally, we have curated a selection of sustainable items  – ranging from clothing, skincare, home decor, to local drinks – allowing you to enhance your life in an environmentally responsible way. 


Founded by Zisan Buga and Max Reinhardt in 2018, ZAMT is bold but conscious, contemporary but timeless. Each piece in our collection is created by the best European artisans using eco - friendly premium materials, from carefully selected European suppliers, inspired and centered around our design ideals – bold, eco and able to stand the test of time. We have a background from fashion and architecture and share the love and fascination for beautiful objects – sculptural, tactile, enigmatic in colour & material, unique in terms of pattern or olfactory. Beauty and distinctiveness has plenty of facets and adding to the beauty of the world is what drives us – but we want to do it the right way. 
We noticed it was difficult for us to shop the items we longed for as they were not eco, but the eco-friendly products were not desirable thus ZAMT was born.


We carefully select the brands we work with as we want to unite similar values and ethics in our boutique. 

Amongst them, we feature:

- Buffet Clothing

- Hardman Design

- Saye

- Soeder

- Designs by Marie Michielssen

- Lost In

We also work with Unown that allows you to rent beautiful items in order for you to have a diverse and ever-changing wardrobe without feeding the fast fashion industry.

Come by to discover more!