We teamed up with Ted and Denys from Rear Scents and worked for 11 months to bring ZAMT Eau de Parfums to life which we all truly love and feel the world needs :-). The proud parents speaking, sorry, but it was such an interesting and positive collaboration that we here to overreact. Coming from a "I only use one perfume" perspective - what a waste of pleasure in retrospect - we are so on the hook now that we are already breeding on the 3rd scent! So Parfum is about moods of the one wearing it and the one (s) smelling it - how do you feel or better how would you like to feel! and how would you like the other person(s) to be perceiving you ? 

We created two very complementary scents - ZAMT 01 is a very bright, clean and sunny summer perfume which beams you directly into summer holiday moods and really lifts up your spirits. I am looking forward putting it on in the morning, it is a very childish joy like going to bed and already thinking of the bowl of chocolate cereals awaiting for you for breakfast in the morning. ZAMT 02 - really is the opposite. Once having the day behind you and you´d like to bring a different energy and mood into the mix there you go. Going out, dinner or a date night or whatever of a special occasion or just you making random to special by putting it on. ZAMT 02 is intense, complex, sexy and just very different that you really want to smell it again and again - it is kind of addictive - smoky, deep, also a bit sweet. The beauty is both scents are really for everyone - unisex, young, mature whatever. Besides the Eau de Perfumes from ZAMT are truly artisanal products, handblended in Berlin with only the best natural essences and a tiny bit of magic which is by no means harmful to you and can be put in loads with no hindsight. They qualify as clean perfumes charming with a botanical label.