Our all time favorite bag - the Hip Bag Can. As you know or might not know - all our bags are named after our kids  - no, we do not have enough to name all our 40 and counting articles after them -  or their friends or the kids of our friends. Why - well I guess we needed somekind of a rule to always come up with names,  so why not make it a fun rule ! It is such a nice testimony to all the people we love and met on our journey and reminds us daily of them. So it comes without surprise that our first bag was named after our son Can - pronounced [d͡ʒɑ̆n] and means soul or life in turkish.

The Can really captivates everything we want a bag to be - it fits every occasion - you can dress it up, dress it down - you can party with, go to festivals, do these city trips we are longign for in a post covid 19 world, go dining out, go in the theatre it will always belnd in with your wardrobe - it is made from premium vegetable tanned leather and crafted from the best european craftswomen. It will resist kids, summer and winter holidays and really will accompany without negative signs of wear down for a very very long time. And it also fits everyone - you can swap it around with all the loved ones near to you - so you actually might want to get two in differnt colors :-)...