From Sicily to You.

During our trip to Sicily we searched long hours for new ceramics for our store in Berlin. We didn' t want traditional pieces we wanted something outstanding, something which would make every use and sight of it a daily pleasure !

Finally we discovered and felll in love with ceramics of Suzana and her father Giovanni de Simone.

The story of "La fabrica della ceramica" is a playful journey of passion and clay. Imagine a childhood spent in a lively ceramic factory, with Giovanni De Simone, crafting beautiful pieces while Suzana turned clay into mini masterpieces. The magic of baking biscuit, the thrill of opening a still hot oven it all became their symphony.

Her father, an acclaimed alum of the Faenza school of ceramics, mastered the art of cooking red at the same temperature as other glazes, defining their signature Sicilian ceramics.

After art school, she transitioned from playful involvement to a professional role, managing "The Ceramic Factory" since 2007. From Pantelleria to Rome, each adventure influenced her artistic growth, with her father's spirit guiding her. And so, the beautiful legacy of passion and clay lives on in every piece they create!