ZISAN AND MAX, the very serious, badass founders met in 2010. They fell in love and moved together to Paris, where they founded not only ZAMT but also a family. Today they live happily in Berlin with their children Can and Romy and reign over the ZAMT empire....lol

ZISAN BUGA was born in 1976 in Berlin. She holds a degree in business administration and worked as a marketing expert in fashion for many years before founding ZAMT, for example for Adidas Originals. Today she thrives giving all her uber talent as the brain and esthetic mastermind of the ZAMT.

MAX REINHARDT was born in 1981 in Berlin. He holds a degree in architecture and worked for the likes of J. Mayer H. in Berlin or Manuelle Gautrand in Paris before founding ZAMT. He luckily found a place with ZAMT where he can scribble all day long from one curvy shape into the other and ride along the ever ongoing journey of self - optimization to become a likeable co- worker. The quest is still tbc.