Hi! We are ZAMT Berlin.

We noticed it was difficult for us to shop the items we longed for as they were not eco, but the eco-friendly products were not desirable; thus, ZAMT was born. We aim to create essential pieces that are fair and eco-friendly but do not compromise on style. For us, fair production using only eco-friendly materials should be a given – so we want to win you over by the designs and not your bad conscience. 

Our mission is to create timeless and sustainable pieces that you will cherish forever


We try to make all ZAMT goods close to Berlin with our manufacturers in Poland and Germany. Our efforts are further highlighted with our partnership with Heyhey Waldfreunde using deer hides from wild animals from the forests of Brandenburg. But we see ZAMT and our passion for creation and design as a driving force to connect with people and cultures, too. So it happens that we fall in love with people, cultures, and their skills putting some distance between us and our artisans. Like with our partners from Izmir in Turkey. Our Leitidee to minimize unnecessary transport stays though. Hence we source the materials for the products from the proximity of the artisans. In Izmir, Turkey the tannery is just a stone's throw from the atelier and the cotton for the canvas comes from Turkey, too.



    Zisan Buga and Max Reinhardt were missing beautiful objects that not only look good but are also sustainably manufactured. That is why the two beautiful spirits founded ZAMT in 2018 and have been designing both minimalist and architecturally inspired leather accessories with great attention to detail. One of the most exciting and sustainable materials that have existed since time immemorial is used for this purpose: leather. 

    The name is just as clever as their products: Zisan bugA + Max reinhardT= ZAMT. Zisan and Max met in Paris, where they founded ZAMT and a family. Today they live and work with their children Can and Romy in Berlin.


    Our manufacturers are selected with great care, ensuring a non-exploitative environment, fair working conditions, and a love for nature and its preservation. Respecting human rights and the abolition of child labor is key. 

    In Italy, our bags are specially made by Paolo, Roberto, and their team who have mastered their craftsmanship working for the very best in the luxury leather bag industry since the 70s.

    The dynamic sister duo of Ana & Sara is proudly running an all-women factory continuing the story their father Antonio began. 

Choosing European artisans not only reduces our carbon footprint but also allows us to support the flourishing of local artisanal craftsmanship


Our leather comes from a third-generation family-run tannery in Tuscany that has mastered the artisanal process of vegetable tanning using organic tannins for a natural, environment-friendly tanning process. The hides are a by-product of the meat industry and would, if not refined into leather otherwise be disposed of. Our tanneries only use European hides minimizing the negative effects of transport and guaranteeing that the raw materials are not treated with environmentally harming conservatives such as tanning salts used in the chrome tanning process.

In 2021, We introduced our first vegan line with a highly sustainable plant-based vegan leather made from cactus. Our aim is to offer products that are cruelty-free, sustainable, without any toxic chemicals, phtalates, PVC, and long-lasting. The cactus leather lives up to our high standards of durability, esthetic, and sensory quality; the leather has a smooth touch and a classy look.


When you no longer cherish your bag, please send it in – you will be rewarded with a 20 % voucher and we will make a new creation out of it or recycle it, and be part of the circular economy.