Zisan and I thought that it would be wonderful to complement our bags with matching gloves as it gets very cold in Berlin during winter. And –as passionate bike riders – we know that gloves are indispensible while riding around the city. 

But since we are not regularly skiing on the Alps or bike racing we needed to make the gloves fashionable. So – once again – Zisan and I were on a mission.


We already learned on our numerous sourcing trips to Italy that Naples is the traditional centre for glove-making artisans. And of course we were overdue for a visit. I mean, pizza, the stunning views off the gulf, the Vesuv, Pompei, Maradona… – it is all just too tempting. So we set off for Naples in search of a partner who could help us bring a little piece of the Italian coast to Berlin in the form of beautiful, soft leather gloves.

We did our due diligence and finally found Antonio. 

The passion that the Pistola family has for the finest handcrafted leather gloves dates back to the 19th century – spanning three generations and a soon-to-be fourth with the father's sons. Antonio manages, with sons Michele and Mario, the entire production chain, from the choice of fabrics and leather hides to the hand finishing of the various collections.

Their workshop proudly sits in the heart of “Sanita,” the traditional glove-making district of Naples. From cutting the leather to tailoring the final product, there are 25 steps leading to the creation of one single pair of gloves. The result is not just a pair of ZAMT gloves. It is the beautiful story of Naples, its artisans and their passion.