We are beyond excited to introduce our latest apparel collection, a true
labor of love crafted from Japanese raw denim made exclusively in Italy
and meticulously handcrafted in Poland.

We are talking: Limited Edition, Sustainable Fashion, Perfect Fit, Exceptional Comfort,Unisex Designs for All. Bref, just wow !




Why opt for raw denim?

Our raw denim is made in Italy on japanese looms, for exceptional heavy enduring fabric quality - one could suspect that with this cultural background it would even taste good BUT we heavily disconvince you of trying!
But there are countless other reasons! Firstly, it is the most sustainable form of denim. Produced untreated, raw denim sidesteps water and chemical treatments for that washed look, ensuring the fabric retains its pristine quality. This durability means raw denim outperforms its washed counterparts, offering a sustainable antidote to fast fashion frenzy. With proper care, a pair can easily last a decade, embodying true sustainability. 

Secondly, raw denim is deeply personal. Initially snug, the jeans gradually mold to your unique shape, becoming more comfortable with each wear. But the excitement doesn't stop there! With every adventure and wash, the denim transforms, developing one-of-a-kind fades that mirror your lifestyle. 

Limited Edition

What's more, the use of overproduced fabric means availability is extremely limited, adding an extra thrill to owning a piece of this exclusive collection and furthermore we keep on adding to your sustainable karma reservoir.

  • Unisex Designs for All

    Our collection embraces inclusivity with unisex designs tailored to suit every individual. Regardless of size or style preference, there's something for everyone in our versatile collection, ensuring that no wardrobe is complete without these essential pieces.

  • Perfect Fit, Exceptional Comfort

    We've poured our hearts into perfecting the fit of every garment. Through dedication and meticulous craftsmanship, we've ensured that each piece offers exceptional comfort and style, designed to complement a variety of body
    types with five remarkable styles that belong in every wardrobe.